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Angong Niuhuang Wan 1 pill

Angong Niuhuang Wan 1 pill

Weight : 100g

HKD 890.00

Angong Niuhuang Wan which has a long history. Far from the ancient Qing Dynasty, this product was recorded in <<Systematized Identification of warm (Pathogen) Diseases>>. Wai Yuen Tong Angong Niuhuang Wan is made according to the Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China and is made with several Chinese herbal medicines. It clears heat, removes toxin, settles fright, opens the orifices. *Calculus Bovis clears the heart, sweeps phlegm, cools the liver and removes toxin, etc. Each pill is coated with gold foil.

* Source from Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China 


This product is yellowish-orange to reddish-brown gold coated big honeyed pills, recovered the gold coats reveal yellowish-orange to reddish-brown odour, strongly aromatic; taste slightly bitter.


Functions and Indications :

To clear heat, remove toxin, settle fright, open the orifices. This product is suitable for those who has febrile disease caused by pathogenic factors entering the pericardium, high fever and fright syncope, loss of consciousness, delirious speech. For more details, please refer to package insert.


Active Ingredients :

Calculus Bovis, Powdered Buffalo Horn Extract, Moschus Artifactus, Realgar, Rhizoma Coptidis, Radix Scutellariae, Gardeniae Fructus, Radix Curcumae, Borneolum Syntheticum, Margarita, Cinnabaris,


Dosage and Method of Usage :

For oral administration, 1 pill, once a day; 1/4 pills per time for children under 3 years old, 1/2 pills for between 4 years old and 6 years old, once a day. Or as advised by professionals.


Specification :

Net weight 3 gram per pill.


Package :

Each box contains 1 can. Each can contains 1 pill.


Storage Instructions :

Store in dry place at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children.


Contra-instructions :

Contra-indicated in pregnant 


Precautions :

Please refer to package insert. 


Country of manufacture :

Hong Kong

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